Friday, 2 May 2014

Cosmetic queens.

It seems that every blog post I do these days is centred around ELF Cosmetics. (I promise i'm writing this off my own back, not being bribed with an abundance of samples).

However, this was something I couldn't just not talk about. 

Elf are giving girls will all face shapes, all complexions, all ages and all areas of Europe the chance to be the face of their next official photo shoot. This is a company thats constantly moving forward and one of the very few to recognise, we're not all 'perfectly airbrushed'. Having an unknown, 'everyday girl', especially for a cosmetics company is a big risk, one that I believe will pay off. 

In society today, young girls, including myself have been brought up with the rise of celebrities in the media. With more celebrities arising out of no where, more articles on "getting the perfect skin" and "how to lose a stone in a week" are being published. Despite companies criticising the media, nothing is being done to stop it, as these companies are still using "perfect" models. 

Elf are asking the public to share their selfies under the hashtag #elfForEveryone to find the next REAL girl. I implore everyone to take part, whether they want to be the next face or not because by doing this elf cosmetics are showing they really are trying to make a change, a change for the better. 

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